Janay Essential Oil
Janay Essential Oil
Janay Essential Oil
Janay Essential Oil

Janay Essential Oil

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The brain is the most important part of our organs. All our actions and thoughts are controlled by our brain. However, we lose neuron connections as time passes. This results in reduced mental capabilities when we grow older, causing our brain to spin slower, or even inhibiting us to carry out complex cognitive functions.

But, worry not, Janay™ can take care of your problems and restore your mental glory to even better than before!

The smart scent that improves lives

Janay™ is made of the purest extract of peppermint using the steam distillation. Peppermint is one of the most functional mints. With its numerous benefits, this mint is very popular and widely used in treating health problems. Peppermint oil is recommended for enhancing brain performance, and lowering stress in aromatherapy.

Taken from the strain of peppermint that yields the most concentration of menthol, Janay™ can release us from our daily stress, anxiety, and mental exhaustion, with its naturally energizing properties.

Other than that, Janay™ is also a flawless remedy to deal with psychological issues such as stress, fatigue, and depression. Its menthol content can counteract stress with its sedative and analgesic effects.

Elevate your mental capacity

  • Increases memory power
  • Enhances intellectual faculties
  • Sharpens focus and alertness
  • Promotes good sleeping
  • Lowers anxiety and stress
  • Decreases the likelihood of brain degeneration

How to use Janay™

Topical use: Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a carrier oil, like coconut or olive oil, then apply it onto the temples or any desired pressure points.

Aromatherapy: Add 2-3 drops to a diffuser in your workspace, living room, or study to improve brain activity and productivity. Diffuse in the bedroom before you go to sleep at night to unwind after a long day.

Note: to achieve maximum benefits, complete a course of 3 bottles of Janay™ 


Ingredients: Peppermint

Net Content: 10ml

Shelf Life: 3 Years

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