KetoBello™ Patch
KetoBello™ Patch
KetoBello™ Patch
KetoBello™ Patch
KetoBello™ Patch
KetoBello™ Patch
KetoBello™ Patch
KetoBello™ Patch
KetoBello™ Patch

KetoBello™ Patch

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NO counting calories
NO cutting carbs
NO hours of boring exercise
NO sacrificing delicious things

Enjoyable, FAST, Lasting Metabolism  

We can lose weight by burning extra calories and consuming less but it's difficult for many people in reality. That's the reason many people look for an easy way to burn out their extra fat. KetoBello™ Patch is an amazing solution for those people. KetoBello™ Patch has the ability to stimulate fat cells to reduce weight fast like magic. Though it can reduce body fat by its own mechanism, our obesity specialists suggest a balanced diet while using these patches to get a better result.

The Famous Invention

Dr. Robertson Wood, along with his teammates invented this amazing formula from some natural herbs which has the ability to boost the fat burning process, if applied directly to the skin. He is certified and awarded by 2 renowned organizations for this breakthrough in the treatment of obese patients. KetoBello™ patches were produced using this formula. The formula, which has the ability to reduce body fat by a magical mechanism without making the skin lose.


Mint is the primary ingredient here. Some other ingredients like organic phytoncides, essential oils, and minerals are also used to make the mints more effective. But no chemical substances are used here. It's completely a NATURAL product.

How do KetoBello™ patches work?

The patches have ingredients that can stimulate inner fat cells, block sugar as well as starch from being absorbed, especially in the applied area. They also help to eliminate toxins and improve the blood circulation of that area.

Mint and other natural ingredients used here can pass through the skin and attach to fat cells quickly. Then they stimulate those cells, improve blood circulation, overall metabolism process, and speed up the fat-burning process. This is how Keto™ reduces cravings and leads to weight loss.

Are these patches safe?

These patches are completely safe as they are made only from NATURAL ingredients. Regarding pregnancy, we haven't found anything that may harm the baby or mother, although we suggest you avoid these patches during that time.

How to use:

  • First, make your skin clean and dry before application.
  • Apply the patches on that area where fat developed, like belly or thigh, or over the navel area.
  • Keep them for 8 hours, 3-4 times a week.
  • Do some exercise with a balanced diet
  • Use 2-3 weeks for a noticeable result.

Packaging Details: 10 pcs/pack