Vacedro Essential Oil
Vacedro Essential Oil
Vacedro Essential Oil
Vacedro Essential Oil
Vacedro Essential Oil

Vacedro Essential Oil

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Bring Your Brain to Greater Heights

The decline of mental faculties has always just been another part of life, whether it’s caused by aging, stress, or illness. Signs of the decline can be anything ranging from forgetfulness, diminished thinking skills, and lack of focus.

But times have changed! With Vacedro™, it’s easier than ever to turn back the hands of fate. Take a deep breath and embrace the mind of a super genius!


Brightest Drops

The main ingredient behind the brilliant Vacedro™ is the sesquiterpenes found within the thousand-year-old cedarwood. 

Through careful harvesting and formulation to fully utilize this miracle element, Vacedro™ is able to improve your mental faculties and soothe negative emotions. All natural and safe for all, anyone can experience the nootropic effects of Vacedro™!


How Vacedro™ Helps You

  • Improvements in cognitive functions
  • Regeneration of brain cells
  • Boost focus and concentration
  • Protects grey matter from free radicals
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • 100% natural and ethically sourced

How to Use


Mix 2-4 drops with any type of body-safe oil and gently massage the mixture with even pressure onto your temples twice a day



Add 4-6 drops of Vacedro™ into an aromatherapy diffuser or essential oil burner before bed


***Note: For best results, 3 bottles are needed to complete a full treatment.***


Ingredients: Cedarwood

Net Content: 10ml

Shelf Life: 3 Years